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If you are looking for a company to take care of your commercial drainage solutions, JD Drains will ensure all projects are professionally dealt with.

With a team of experienced engineers 24/7, we are on-hand by providing commercial clients with an efficient solution with their drainage issues. From scheduled maintenance to responding to 24/7 emergencies, our customers can rely upon our extensive expertise and knowledge.

Drain Unblocking 

Blocked Drain? No Problem!

If you’re experiencing high water levels in your toilet, or you have a blocked sink, then it’s likely there’s a blockage in your drains. Blocked sinks and toilets need to be cleared as soon as possible before the issue escalates and your drainage systems begin to overflow, it’s therefore important you use professional drainage engineers who can unblock your drains in a matter of minutes.

Whether it is a simple fat blockage, root ingress or even a broken drain, our expert engineers will find the cause of the problem and offer you the most cost effective solution.

Drain Cleaning (waste) 

Emergency Blocked Drain Clearance

We clean both domestic and commercial drainage systems using our powerful water jetting equipment. This ensures your drains are clear of any unnecessary obstructions and working to the best of their ability.

Over time, different waste materials can build up in your drains causing unnecessary clogging within the pipes. This can have a negative effect on the flow of the waste water from your home or workplace. Cooking fats, rubble, tissues and other non- biodegradable materials need to be cleared otherwise blockages will occur. Our drain cleaning service maintains your drains and sewers, removing the possibility of scale build-up.

Drain Repair 

We use the latest ‘no-dig’ drain lining technology

Our drainage engineers are fully qualified with over 10 years’ experience providing effective drain repair for both domestic and commercial customers.

We use the latest ‘no-dig’ drain lining technology to repair damaged drains with no need for excavation. This means that we can repair your drains without causing any disruption to the surrounding area.

How do I know my drains are damaged?

Reoccurring blockages are a common cause of damaged drains.

If your drains are becoming blocked on a regular basis, then there may be cracks within the drain causing a build-up of waste. It’s important to send a specialist drainage camera through the piping to locate any damages. If any cracks are visible on the CCTV drain imagery then drain lining is the most cost-effective method to repair your drains. This will also prevent any blockages from occurring in the future.

What does drain repair / lining a drain involve?

The drain lining procedure involves the installation of a lining which, when sent through the drainage pipework, bonds to the inside of the pipe. This creates a pipe inside a pipe – sealing and strengthening the pipework without disturbing the surrounding area. We can use drain linings to repair drains with an internal diameter between 100mm and 300mm.



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24 Hour Emergency Response


Superb Customer Service

We dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with the best drainage service in Berkshire.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the drainage industry, we provide every customer with a reliable, honest and cost effective service. We offer round-the-clock drainage support and we’re on call for emergency drainage issues 24/7 365 days a year.

Drop us a line on 0330 223 4686 to speak to our friendly & helpful team.

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• Blocked sink
• Blocker shower
• Blocked toilets
• Drain cleaning
• Drain repair
• Emergency drainage
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• Drain clearance & maintenance
• CCTV Drain Surveys
• …and more!

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