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Drain Root Cutting

JD Drains

JD Drains provides a complete drain repair solution in Berkshire. This includes drain root cutting to deal with tree & plant ingress.

Tree roots damage drains

Drainage systems are vulnerable to tree root ingress through fractured or broken pipework or pipe joints. In some circumstances the tree root may have broken through the pipework itself.

Tree roots are often attracted to the water & nutrients inside the pipe work causing them to grow directly through the pipes. Their roots will quickly spread and grow inside the pipe causing stubborn blockages.

​If left too long the tree roots will continue to grow and may eventually destroy the entire drainage system. If caught early enough, tree root cutting equipment can be used to effectively remove the tree root.

The right tools for the job

Experience has taught us that high pressure water cutting equipment is the best choice for cutting through tree roots.
We carry a 4000 psi chain flail on our jet-vac-equipped vans which means we can take care of any tree root related blockage.

State-of-the art CCTV drain camera hardware and recording software allows us to check the state of the drain, both before and after the work.

Superb Customer Services

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best drainage services in Berkshire.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the drainage industry, we provide every customer with a reliable and honest service. We offer around the clock drainage support and are on call for emergency drainage issues 24/7 365 days a year.

Drop us a line on 0118 380 0173 to speak to our friendly & helpful team.

Our Services

  •  Blocked drains

  •  Blocked sink

  •  Blocker shower

  •  Blocked toilets

  •  Drain cleaning

  •  Drain repair

  •  Emergency drainage

  •  Blocked sewer

  •  Sewer repair

  •  Drain clearance & maintenance

  •  CCTV Drain Surveys

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