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Berkshire’s drain experts for blocked drains, drain clearance, drain CCTV surveys and drain repairs.

JD Drains

Call our office on 0118 380 0173  for a FREE no obligation quote. We work 24/7.

Do you need help with blocked drains?

Whether it is a simple fat blockage, root ingress or even a broken drain, our drain engineers can find the real cause of the problem and offer you the most cost effective solutions.

If you need a FREE quote or advice about a blocked drain, drain survey, drain repair or any drain related problem in your area, call 0118 380 0173  or email

Services We Offer

Drain Unblocking

We have equipped our vans with high-power water jetting equipment that can clear even the most stubborn blockages in domestic and industrial drains.

Drain Descaling

If you’ve previously had your drains cleared, but you’ve noticed them clogging again, you might need to consider drain descaling.

Drain Repair

Our drainage engineers are fully qualified and registered, with over 10 years’ experience providing effective drain repair for both domestic and commercial customers.

We use the latest ‘no-dig’ drain lining technology to repair damaged drains with no need for excavation. This means that we can repair your drains without causing any disruption to the surrounding area.

Drain Root Cutting

Drainage systems are vulnerable to tree root ingress through fractured or broken pipework or pipe joints. In some circumstances, the tree root may have broken through the pipework itself.

Drain Cleaning

Over time, different waste materials can build up in your drains causing unnecessary clogging within the pipes. Our drain cleaning service maintains your drains and sewers, removing the possibility of scale build-up.

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